Here I have given some tips on how to use jm_quote.

You may find this extension at:

1. Install the extension

2. Create a sysFolder (ex: Random Quotes)
Let us consider the uid of this sysFolder is 60

3. Create a few records with your quotes.

4. Now you need to inform the jm_quote plugin the uid of the above sysFolder.

This needs to be done in the Typoscript setup as shown below:

plugin.tx_jmquote_pi1 {
    #Sysfolder Page-ID, where the quotes are located.
    pid_list = 60

5. Now it is time to get the random quotes on your page.

This can be easily done by assigning the plugin output to the required TypoScript object:

lib.my_header < plugin.tx_jmquote_pi1

That’s all. Now you should see the quotes on the pages. (Make sure to clear FE Cache)