Month: November 2008

How to check if a Templavoila Template (TO) is used or not?

This is often a very confusing task for most people, including myself in the beginning.

Using this simple step, it would however be easy to find out whether the TO is used or not.

1. Set to list view from web menu.


2. Now select the Storage folder where Templavoila Templates are Stored.

3. Enable the Clipboard, and make sure clipboard 2 is selected.


4. Now can see some numbers at the extreme right side of each, these numbers indicate the number of times the TO is being used.


Move the Mouse over the numbers, and you can even see the uid of a few of them.

That’s all.

3 Column Typoscript Graphical Menu

The illustraion shows how to generate a 3 Graphical Menu using Typoscript.
The script is written such that the image will be taken from the media field of page property. If an image is not specified then an image will be generated using it’s page title / navigation title.

spaImageMenu = COA

spaImageMenu {
   1 >
   1 = GMENU
   1.NO {
      altImgResource.import = uploads/pics/
      altImgResource.import.field = media
      altImgResource.import.listNum = 0

      XY = 110,57
      backColor = white
      10 = TEXT
      10.text.field = nav_title // title
      10.offset = 20,30
      allWrap = |*|<tr><td>|</td>||<td>|</td>||<td>|</td></tr>|*|


    wrap = <table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="mymenu_class">|</table>