Month: April 2009

How to change Base URL in Magento

Sometimes it may be essential to change the BASE URL of Magento.
(Usually when you want to make a similar copy of Magento on another server!)

There are 2 – 3 simple steps involved in this:

Step 1: Edit old URL values in database
Table: core_config_data
In this table you need to edit the field named value containing specific values in the field named path!
Precisely saying you need to search for web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url and replace them with new values.

Please refer the images for an example.
OLD Values:

New Values:

Step 2: Login to backend and clear Configuration cache!
This might be simply not possible and hence skip to next step!

Step 3: Find All entries of old domain name in the cache folder and replace them one by one.
Magento retains all configuration cache in /var/cache folder.
This step is  good for Advanced Users who can do file search and replace such strings in one shot 😉
If you are migrating a very big site, then this step will be certainly worth.

I use this “Unix Find Command” very useful in searching:

find . -exec grep -q www.magdummy.cws '{}' \; –print

Step 3: Now it’s time to clear the cache! (Normal User)
As already specified in step2, we know that Magento retains all configuration cache in /var/cache folder.
You can clear the entire contents in this cache folder. Magento regenerates all these files when needed.

Step4: View your new site in the browser.
It should now be working fine like the old one 😉

I hope this would work fine for you.
Please leave your comments or I would appreciate any idea that suits best in this case.

Blunders due to auto generated content

Recently I was going through Dmitry’s twitter entries, and I suddenly came across a blog titled “The (Often Amusing) Pitfalls of Auto-Generated Content” and I was really amused about the kind of Ads Google made by combining different keywords.

The same day ironically while I was searching for something I ended up in a Google news page here:

imageimage image

This literally made me believe that Typo3 CMS is aged over 400 years!

I checked out the three news items listed in year 1605, and it seems like Google considers all numbers with four number digit as year! Well if anyone wants to prove that their company has over 500 year old history, here is an opportunity for you 😉

This is another cool instance of a bad program logic or probably not!