Month: June 2010

A Firefox theme personalised for ChandanWeb

Today Ganapati (ganybhat) created a new firefox personas, available at the URL:

I really coudn’t stop myself from using it right away on my Firefox 3, and I loved the way it looked.

Thank you Gany.

Syntax for ext_conf_template

The Syntax inside the file ext_conf_template.txt is exatcly same as the syntax for the TypoScript constant declarations.

There exists a documetnation about the same titled “Declaring constants for the Constant editor” which can be easily located in the typo3 core documentation titled “TypoScript Syntax and In-depth Study – doc_core_ts”.

How to Transfer TYPO3 Site to a New Host ?

1. Using an FTP Client, such as WinSCP, Connect to your current hosting account.
2. Download to your local computer all the directories and files in the following directories:


3. When the download is complete, open the /typo3conf on your local computer and delete all the files that begin with temp_
4. Next, log in to the current hosting account and access your phpMyAdmin.
5. Select your TYPO3 database and then click on the Export tab.
6. Save the file to your local computer.
7. Log in to your new host’s server with your FTP Client and upload all the TYPO3 directories and files.
8. When the files are all uploaded, you will need to change the permissions recursively for /fileadmin, /typo3conf, /typo3temp, /uploads, and index.php to chmod 777.
9. Create new database on new server using phpMyAdmin.
10. Once a new database has been created, import the database you haveve saved on your local computer.
11. Import the database.
12. Open your browswer and type the following in the address bar:

13. When the Install Tool login appears, type in your Install Tool Password and press the Log in Button.(Install tool password will be same as your old site install tool password).
14. Next, click the Basic Configuration link.
15. Scroll down the page to the Directories List to ensure all the TYPO3 directories are writable.
16. In FTP edit your localconf.php
$typo_db_username = ‘user_name’;        // Username of the newly created database.
$typo_db_password = ‘password’;           // Password for newly created database.
$typo_db_host = ‘’;                     // New host.
$typo_db = ‘database_name’;                  // Newly created Database name.
17. Login to your site’s typo3 backend by typing www.yournewsiteURL/typo3
18. Login username and password are same as with the old site.
19. Now you should see all the pages are transferred.
20. Click on “Templavoila” and then “Update mapping”.
21. Type www.yournewsiteURL . Now you should see the content in front end.

How to enable click enlarge image in Typo3 RTE ?

1) Go to the extension manager and click on the extension “htmlArea RTE” and there check “Enable images in the RTE[enableImages]”.  After that click on “Update” on the bottom.

2) Include the static template “Clickenlarge Rendering (rtehtmlarea) “.

include static template

3) Insert the image in RTE and set on “Click-enlarge” option.