In Typo3 when we upload the same file (i.e. file with the same name) multiple times in a page, The same name is displayed on the page but the link to the files is diferrent as the file is renamed when it is uploaded.

For example

Say we upload a file name test.txt two times, the file is saved in the uploaded folder as



but on the page it displays as

test.txt (links to test.txt )

test.txt (links to test_01.txt )

So in case for the second time if we want to display the real file name to which it is linked,

i.e. test.txt (links to test_01.txt ) as test_01.txt (links to test_01.txt )

Add the following line in your SETUP CODE

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.removePrependedNumbers = 0

This will display the full file name…