Display Image when both path and file name are in two fields

The following code gives an overview of how to display an IMAGe when 2 fields are involved.
That is one contains the image path “fileadmin/templates/imgs/” and the other field has the image name “mylogo.png”

10 = IMAGE
10 {
file.import {
cObject = COA
cObject {
10 = TEXT = field:image_path
20 = TEXT = field:image_name

Hope this helps.

How to enable click enlarge image in Typo3 RTE ?

1) Go to the extension manager and click on the extension “htmlArea RTE” and there check “Enable images in the RTE[enableImages]”.  After that click on “Update” on the bottom.

2) Include the static template “Clickenlarge Rendering (rtehtmlarea) “.

include static template

3) Insert the image in RTE and set on “Click-enlarge” option.