In some cases we may need to get an old TYPO3 extension, this may be for several reasons.

In order to do this, we can follow any of the following methods:


  1. Go to then search for your extension, say tt_news
  2. Just copy yhe download link of the t3x file, and now my link looked as below:
  3. We need the version 2.5.2, so change the version number of above URL to as follows:


This is one way, the other way is when we use the update manager within TYPO3 BE, we get a drop down to select the version, and load it’s detail. Then we can install/update the necessary version. Sometimes the drop down may not have the needed version, so Method 1 may work in such cases!


Most extensions were also under version control on typo3 forge, even here we can get the old files. We may however get some files/updates/changes that were not really published to the Extension Repository. So this may be slightly risky as well. Generally the first two methods are much more easier.