typo3 extension development

Disable a TYPO3 extension or removing a hook specified by another extension

In some cases we may need to disable some hooks that are defined by another extension. Say for example in a recent case, I had to disable js_css_optimizer when a typo3 FE editor is logged in. This was necessary as feeditadvanced was not working together with js_css_optimizer.

So the moment I needed the services of feeditadvanced, I had to disable js_css_optimizer, so I added the following code:


We have to make sure that we do this at correct stage, for example, if the extension we wanted to disable has already finished it’s execution, then we may not get desired result, so we may have to add another hook that executes much before the hook we wanted to remove.

Syntax for ext_conf_template

The Syntax inside the file ext_conf_template.txt is exatcly same as the syntax for the TypoScript constant declarations.

There exists a documetnation about the same titled “Declaring constants for the Constant editor” which can be easily located in the typo3 core documentation titled “TypoScript Syntax and In-depth Study – doc_core_ts”.