Typo3 Neos

Debug Objects in Typo3 Extbase and Typo3 Neos

Simple way to debug an object or variable in Typo3 Latest version is:

Note: This works only with version 4.7 and higher

Similarly in case of Neos in order to print an object we use below code:

Clear Cache on Typo3 Neos

Currently there is no option in backend to clear cache.Instead we need to clear cache via command prompt.
There are two types of caches in Typo3 Neos.

1.Production Cache

To clear production cache use below command.

FLOW_CONTEXT=Production ./flow flow:cache:flush --force

2 Development Cache

To clear development cache use below command.

./flow flow:cache:flush --force

We have also command to clear particular cache
Example :

./flow flow:cache:flushone TYPO3_TypoScript_Content