Allowed memory size of … bytes exhausted

Often we may need some special setup for a special case/cause.

Recently, I had to do a t3d export/import, where the data size was nearly 2GB, and no matter what memory_limit we tried, it always failed.

Finally we tried memory_limit = -1, which basically removes the memory limit, and lets us use the max available memory of the Operating System.

This solution did helped us, and we were able to do the export smoothly.

CAUTION: On a production server try not to do this, if we forget to revert this change, things can get worse!
Instead make a local copy, and then we have a total freedom.

Teeseract and JOIN tables using a CSV field

Latest News allows us to use content elements within a News. This opens up a vast set of possibilities.

However, when we look in depth, the news manages related content element IDs in a CSV format.

Now this seems like a bad way to mange it, as we do not have a mm_table, and there is no easy way to handle this, than using DB specific functions.

Luckily Tesseract supports most of the MYSQL functions, and thus we can make use of the FIND_IN_SET function here.

select tt_content.uid,tt_content.header, news.content_elements
FROM tx_news_domain_model_news AS news
LEFT JOIN tt_content
ON find_in_set(tt_content.uid, news.content_elements) WHERE news.uid=1

Hope this helps you.